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Enhance your way of paying

Finance your campaign in Nera

Find flexible alternatives adapted to each production cycle.


Evolve the way you pay for your supplies

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Multiple ways of payment and financing

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Customized conditiones for your production cycle

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Simple, secure and 100% digital


Payment and financing options

Traditional bank loans

Pay your inputs with an immediate bank loan and finance your purchase in pesos or dollars.

Loans with Forward

Pay in grains with a loan guaranteed by a Forward contract. Choose time, pricing method, et

Digital wallets

Pay through several digital payment methods, such us digitalized grains  or 'agrotokens'

Get to know our Agreement Seeker

  • Find exclusive financing conditions with main merchants in agriculture

  • Search by merchant categor and type of loan to save time.

  • Access to customized offers based on your profile

  • Get key information to make the best finantial decisions for you and your business.

Loan simulator

Improve your purchase planning with the loan simulator. You can estimate the amount and conditions of your loan as many times as you want until you find the ideal option for your business.


You will also be able to:

Quote insurance online

View the history of your operations

Get better conditions for your sustainability practices

Combine multiple payment methods

Create your account in Nera and use all these benefits to enhance your agricultural business

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