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Boost your sales

Offer digital and customized financing to your clients

Optimize your sales budget and improve your segmentation strategies


Evolve your way of selling

Multiple forms of cash collection

More financing alternatives for your clients

Simple, secure and 100% digital


Payment and financing alternatives

No matter what your clients choose, you always get paid immediately.

Traditional bank loans

Farmers can pay you through a flexible and customized immediate bank credit in different currencies,

Loans with forward

Farmers can pay in grains with a loan guaranteed by a Forward contract 

Digital wallets

Get paid through different digital wallets, such as digitized grains or 'agrotkens'


Highlight your offer within the Agreement Seeker!

In Nera, hundreds of farmers use this tool to find the merchants that best suit their needs. Join Nera and boost your sales!

Create your exclusive landing page

In Nera you can have your ownspace to share with your clients all the financing agreements you offer, where farmers can locate your branches or distributors in one click.


Availables entities 

Merchants using Nera


Look what you can do in Nera

Offer different payment or financing options

Make segmented discounts

Track your operations

Guarantee total collection of your operations

Join Nera as a merchant

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